The data below is related to the latest software version and to the past 180 days.


Application Application Version Product Added On Actions
Bitrix Inc Bitrix24 UC+ 2021-12-08
Bosys Software GMBH Bosys UC+ 2021-12-08
Computer Design Systems Limited Codas UC+ 2021-12-08
Mirage Mirage Salesforce Connector UC+ 2022-02-02
Odoo S.A. Odoo Enterprise 8 - 14 UC+ 2021-12-08
Pipedrive Inc PipeDrive UC+ 2021-12-08
Prof4Net Catch UC+ 2022-01-13
Ridder Data Systems Ridder IQ UC+ 2021-12-08
SAM Software Solutions Ltd Thinkka SAM UC+ 2021-12-08
untermStrich Software GmbH Untermstrich x3 UC+ 2021-12-08


Application Application Version Product Added On Actions
Acumatica Acumatica UC+ 2022-04-05
Alliance Alliance Staff Manager UC+ 2022-01-06
civica Cx Housing Management Software UC+ 2022-01-19
Cliniko Cliniko UC+ 2021-12-08
CommTrak Commtrak CRM UC+ 2022-02-02
Creatio Creatio UC+ 2022-01-04
Zammad Zammad UC+ 2022-02-02