Fabricant Application Version Product Actions
1-2 Mobile Limited MobileMax UC+
1C 1C:Enterprise (Custom) 8.1 UC+
1C 1C:Enterprise (Custom) 8.2 UC+
1C 1C:Enterprise (Custom) 8.3 UC+
1C 1C:Enterprise (Standard) 8.1 UC+
1C 1C:Enterprise (Standard) 8.2 UC+
1C 1C:Enterprise (Standard) 8.3 UC+
37 signals High Rise UC+
aggsmart AGG Smart Cloud UC+
Alliance Staff Manager Alliance Staff Manager UC+
ANVA BV Anva Hub UC+
Apple Contacts UC+
Apptivo Apptivo UC+
BatchBlue Software BatchBook UC+
Bitrix24 Bitrix24 UC+
Bookabuilder Bookabuilder UC+
Bosys Software GMBH Bosys UC+
Brightree Brightree UC+
Business Micros EvoNet UC+
CallPro CRM Call Pro 5.0 UC+
Candor SIS UC+
CAS Mittelstand genesisWorld UCPlus TAPI Driver
Chittak Ltd TITAN UC+
citruslime citruslime UC+
Clarity Software Clarity Version V5.3.0.13 - 6.2.8 UC+
CM Mobile Service Cloud UC+
Codas CODAS UCPlus TAPI Driver
Combit GmbH Combit Relationship Manager UC+
Commtrak CRM Commtrak CRM UC+
Computer Design Systems Limited Codas UC+
ConnectWise Manage ConnectWise Manage UC+
Copper Copper UC+
Copper Copper UC+
crmSeries crmSeries UC+
Cycle Software Cycle Software UC+
Deltek Union Square UC+
Efficy CRM Efficy CRM UC+
eGroupWare eGroupWare 1.0 - 1.8 UC+
ENTERSOFT S.A. Entersoft UCPlus TAPI Driver
EQ Software EQ Software EQ Software Version 16.5.255 UC+
Esteiro Business Solutions Ltd Gold-Vision Old API (2018) UC+
euclid technology ClearVantage UC+
FasterForward FasterForward UC+
FranConnect FranConnect UC+
FreeAgent CRM FreeAgent CRM UC+
FuseMetrix FuseMetrix UC+
Goldmine Goldmine 2013 UC+
Goldmine Goldmine 2014 (Premium) UC+
Goldmine Goldmine 2016 UC+
Goldmine Goldmine 2022 (Premium Edition) UC+
Goldmine Goldmine 5.5 - 9.2 UC+
GreyRidge CRM GreyRidge CRM UC+
group office Group Office UC+
hali6 MED MEGA UC+
Headfirst Select Headfirst Select UC+
HP Autonomy WorkSite 9 UC+
HubSpot HubSpot UC+
IBM IBM Notes 9.0 UC+
IBM Lotus Notes 7 - 8.5 UC+
iConnect Group iConnect UC+
Improveit 360 improveit 360 UC+
In2crm In2crm UC+
Incas INTRACALL 3.1 UCPlus TAPI Driver
Infor CRM Infor CRM 8 UC+
Insellerate Insellerate UC+
Insightly Insightly Using Insightly v2.1 API UC+
Insightly, Inc. Insightly Using Insightly V3.1 API UC+
Intelliflo Intelligent Office Cloud UC+
Junari Junari UC+
JWC group JWC Group JWC Group UC+
Keap Max Classic Keap Max Classic UC+
KeeminK Design BV Tradium UCPlus TAPI Driver
King Software King Business Software 5.48a - 5.61a2 UC+
Kubion bv IRIS 3.0 UC+
LeGrand Software Legrand CRM 5 UCPlus TAPI Driver
LeGrand Software Legrand CRM 6 UCPlus TAPI Driver
Less Annoying Software, LLC Less Annoying CRM UC+
Liquid Bubble Prideview CRM UC+
Logical Office Logical Office Evolution UC+
Logical Planet BusyDesk UC+
Logma Systems Design Ltd OneFit 2014.6 UC+
Lundalogik Kontakt UC+
Lundalogik Lime Easy UC+
Magento Magento v1 UC+
Mamut Mamut 12.5 - 16 UC+
Mamut Mamut 19.1 - 23.0 UC+
Maximizer Maximizer 9 - 2020 UC+
Maximizer Maximizer LIVE UC+
Maximizer CRM Maximizer CRM UC+
Megasys Megasys UC+
Microsoft Access 2000 - 2010 UC+
Microsoft Access 2013, 2016, Office 365 UC+
Microsoft Business Central 365 UC+
Microsoft Dynamics 365 9 UC+
Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM UC+
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 - 2017 (CLASSIC Database) UC+
Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 - 2017 (SQL Database) UC+
Microsoft ODBC UC+
Microsoft Outlook 2000 - 2010 32 bit UC+
Microsoft Outlook 2010 64 bit UC+
Microsoft Outlook 2013, Office 365 32 bit UC+
Microsoft Outlook 2013, Office 365 64 bit UC+
Microsoft Outlook 2016, Office 365 UC+
Microsoft Outlook on the Web UC+
Microsoft Office SharePoint Lists UC+
Midoco Midoffice UC+
Mirage Salesforce Connector UC+
Mirage Computer Systems GmbH CTI Data Connector for Salesforce UCPlus TAPI Driver
Mondago Adapter for Salesforce UC+
Mondago UC Server Address Book 3 UC+
Netforum NetForum UC+
Nimble Nimble UC+
Northstar Technologies The Conduit CRM UC+
Notarisdossier Notarisdossier UC+
Odoo S.A. Odoo Enterprise 8 - 14 UC+
OGL Profit4 UC+
onyx software Onyx Garage UC+
oomi oomi UC+
Open Systems Traverse UC+
Oracle NetSuite CRM UC+
Oracle RightNow Service Cloud November 2015 UC+
orgAnice orgAnice 2010 UCPlus TAPI Driver
PerfectView CRM PerfectView CRM UC+
Pipedrive Pipedrive UC+
Powerweiss Powerweiss UC+
Property Access CRM Property Access CRM UC+
ProspectSoft ProspectSoft Crm 6 UCPlus TAPI Driver
ProspectSoft ProspectSoft Crm 6.52 UCPlus TAPI Driver
Protean Software Protean CRM 7.1-7.3 UC+
QSOFT LLC amoCRM Now called Kommo UC+
QV Systems Accelerate UC+
Really Simple Systems Really Simple Systems UC+
Red Rabbit Absolver II UC+
rev.io rev.io UC+
SAGE ACT! Professional 2008 - 2013 UC+
SAGE Sage 200 with Sage CRM module See Sage CRM for versions supported UC+
SAGE Sage Saleslogix 7.2 - 7.5 UC+
Sage CRM Sage CRM 2018 R3 UC+
Salesforce Salesforce Using SOAP API UC+
Salesforce Salesforce Using SOAP API UC+
SAM Software Solutions Ltd Thinkka SAM UC+
SAP SAP Business One 9.3 HANA DB UC+
ServiceM8 ServiceM8 UC+
Shopify Shopify UC+
Shuttleworth Shuttleworth UC+
Simplicate Software B.V. Simplicate UC+
Smartsearch Smartsearch UC+
Soft Options Computer Systems Ltd BEST UC+
Software Add-ons Ltd OpenCRM UC+
Store Feeder Store Feeder UC+
SugarCRM SugarCRM UC+
SuperOffice SuperOffice 6 - 8 UC+
Swift ACT! Premium v24 (64-Bit) UC+
Swiftpage ACT! Premium V17 - V23 UC+
Swiftpage ACT! Premium Cloud UC+
Swiftpage ACT! Professional UC+
Swiftpage Saleslogix 8 UC+
Syntess Software Syntess Atrium Professional 4.7 to 6.6.15 UC+
tahdah tahdah UC+
Tall Emu Tall EMU (Classic Add-in) UC+
Teamleader Focus Teamleader Focus UC+
The Missing Link Dbfact 2.7.3 UC+
The Missing Link Dbfact 2.74 UC+
TOPdesk TOPdesk 5.4 UC+
TOPdesk TOPdesk 5.7 r3 UC+
Unameit LEF UC+
Unikum ab Pyramid CRM UC+
Unity Group (Red Robot Systems) Unity UC+
Untermstrich untermStrich x3 UC+
Vecta CRM Vecta CRM UC+
vertafore Sagitta UC+
Vertimart Exquise UC+
Vertimart Exquise UCPlus TAPI Driver
Vtiger Vtiger 4 - 9 UC+
webCRM webCRM Plus, Enterprise UC+
Wordpress WooCommerce UC+
Workbooks Workbooks UC+
WorkWise LLC OnContact CRM UC+
Yoobi Yoobi UC+
Zammad Zammad UC+
Zestia Ltd CapsuleCRM Using API V2 UC+
Zig Klantvolgsysteem Zig Klantvolgsysteem UC+
Zoho Bigin UC+
Zoho Creator Zoho Creator UC+
Zoho CRM Zoho CRM Standard, Professional, Enterprise, Plus UC+
Zoho CRM Zoho CRM Standard, Professional, Enterprise, Plus UC+
Zoho PhoneBridge Zoho PhoneBridge Zoho CRM, Zoho Desk & Zoho Recruit UC+
Zucchetti Ad Hoc UC+